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Medicine, mathematics and textile innovation = PressCise AB

The core business of PressCise AB is innovation and development. We work with clinical partners to identify problems with today's products, and to test and verify our own inventions. We use mathematical theories to solve real problems and we realize our solutions in true smart textile products.

PressCise AB has been published in several well-renowned journals, including the following:


Veins and Lymphatics (2018)

via PagePress Journals: "Good-bye slippage - a new fusion to tackle bandage slippage on the foot", Nilsson, A., Lundh, T., Damm, J., Volume 7:7797, December 2018, Pages 112-114.

Veins and Lymphatics (2018)

"A new stocking compression system with a low well-defined resting pressure and a high working pressure", Nilsson, A., Lundh, T., Volume 7:7628, August 2018, Pages 69-69.


European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (2018)

via "A New Two Component Compression System Turning an Elastic Bandage into an Inelastic Compression Device: Interface Pressure, Stiffness, and Haemodynamic Effectiveness", G. Mosti, H. Partsch, Volume 55, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 126-131.

Veins and Lymphatics (2017)

"An innovative compression system providing low, sustained resting pressure and high, efficient working pressure",

J. Damm, T. Lundh, H. Partsch, G. Mosti, Volume 6:6627, April 2017.

International Wound Journal (2015)

"An investigation of the ability to produce a defined ‘target pressure’ using the PressCise compression bandage",

K. Wiklander, A. Erichsen Andersson & U. Källman, 2015.

Scientific presentations from international medical conferences

Presentations by CEO J.Damm and Prof. G.Mosti from the 17th EVF meeting, July 2016 in London, England.

Prof. T. Lundh presenting at 4th Venous Updates from the World, September 2016, Ferrara, Italy

Presentations by CEO J.Damm from WUWHS September 2016, Florence, Italy.

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