Lundatex® sock

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Safe and comfortable foot compression

The unique medical Lundatex® sock provides safe, comfortable pressure at all times, whether at rest or when active, regardless of leg size/shape.

Lundatex® sock can be used in the following ways:

1) On its own, when compression is only necessary on the foot and ankle region (see right);

2) Together with Lundatex® medical and/or Lundatex® system, instead of bandage wrapping on the foot, to prevent bandage slippage (see below);

3) Together with Lundatex® medical and/or Lundatex® system, underneath the bandage on the foot, to achieve a greater foot compression.

MiniLock™ is an innovative fastening device that secures the bandage end to the cuff of the sock.

“The presented fusion method of using a short compression sock together with a bandage applied a well-defined pressure without creating high- or low-pressure areas where the compression sock ended and the bandage began.”

- Nilsson A, Lundh T, Damm J, "Good-bye slippage - a new fusion to tackle bandage slippage on the foot”, Veins & Lymphatics, volume 7:7797, 2018, pages 112-114.

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