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Lundatex medical compression bandage

An innovative compression bandage that delivers a precise pressure


The bandage material is highly elastic and provided with a longitudinal marking for correct overlap, and transverse markings for correct amount of material for each turn around the leg. The markings function as a guide for how the bandage shall be applied. If the markings are followed, the bandage provides a precise pressure, with a standard deviation of 2 mmHg from the target pressure.


Lundatex medical bandage

Compression level – 20 mmHg

The bandage provides a lighter compression and can be used as a support for example after treatment of muscle injuries, to increase the venous circulation at minor varices (varicose veins) or postoperatively.




The bandage is made of breathable and skin friendly materials, and is free from natural latex rubber.


Clinical investigation

Published in the International Wound Journal, October, 2015.

Article PressCise Lundatex
Lundatex medical bandage

Compression therapy is the cornerstone in the prevention and treatment of leg ulcers related to chronic venous insufficiency. The application of optimal high pressure is essential for a successful outcome, but the literature has reported difficulty applying the intended pressure, even among highly skilled nurses.


In the current investigation, the results showed that all 95% confidence intervals of the expected values for pressure were, at most, 5 mmHg from the target value of 50 mmHg, independent of the position on the leg and the state of activity. Moreover, even nurses with limited experience were consistently able to reach the targeted pressure goal.


The article by Wiklander “Investigation of the ability to provide a defined ‘target pressure’ with the use of the compression bandage PressCise” was published October 2015 in the International Wound Care.

Clinical evidence Lundatex bandage

”The result show that for each 95 % confidence intervals, independent of state and position, we get at most 5 mmHg from the target pressure 50 mmHg”


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