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Upcoming event: ICC annual meeting, June 7-8 Rotterdam

ICC annual meeting 2018 focus will be on Compression in Chronic Oedema. PressCise will present a new invention to prevent bandage slippage on the foot.

December 11

PressCise's CEO Andreas Nilsson had a presentation at the International Compression Club (ICC) meeting in Paris. Andreas revealed the first data on our new product; a stiff stocking system. Stay tuned for more information on this!



December 7

Two new instruction films for our products Lundatex® medical and Lundatex® system have been completed and is now available online! Our mission was to make it easy to understand and easy to follow every step.



December 5

A new article by the prominent Dr G. Mosti and Prof H. Partsch has been published. The article "A New Two Component Compression System Turning an Elastic Bandage into an Inelastic Compression Device: Interface Pressure, Stiffness, and Haemodynamic Effectiveness" investigates the function and benefits of the Lundatex® system. The article was published in the European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 2017.09.19.


"All patients showed Ejection Fraction values that were significantly reduced compared with normal individuals. The test material can be applied with a predetermined pressure, which considerably enhances the consistency of application, and it is easily transformed into an inelastic system just by applying stiff patches without any stretch and without significantly increasing the comfortable supine pressure."


November 13-16

PressCise exhibited at the Medica fair in Düsseldorf. Together with our friends in S2Medical, we shared a stand which showed both companies dedication to better wound care products and faster wound healing.



November 8-9

PressCise inventor Torbjörn Lundh co-hosted the seminar Engineering Health – The Legacy of William Chalmers, organized by Chalmers Life Science Engineering Area of Advance. The presenters included local as well as international researchers, with the aim to bring engineering and medicine closer together.



October 19

Josefin Damm, co-inventor of PressCise presented at the seminar of Smart Textiles – Technology for Medicine and Healthcare. The seminar was held by the Textile University of Sweden together with Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Alumni Club and Shinshu University.



September 22

PressCise distributor ViTri exhibited at the DVSS meeting in Göteborg, Sweden. We attended to show our products for the Swedish nurses in dermatology.



September 5-9

PressCise is one of the few exhibitors at the VI International Inter-University Meeting in Phlebology, Lymphology and Aesthetics. in beautiful Albarella Island just south of Venice, Italy. PressCise inventor Torbjörn Lundh is presenting on September 7 on the subject "Mathematics models applied to bandaging". Be sure not to miss it if you're here!



July 10

Our product Lundatex® medical has been selected to be represented in the material library matériO'. The library collects innovative, technical materials to inspire professionals in various industries. Besides their online database, our textile material can be seen in any of their showrooms around the world; Paris, Brussels, Prague, Shanghai and Seoul.



July 1

Our CEO Andreas Nilsson had a presentation at the 18th Annual Meeting of the European Venous Forum in Porto, Portugal. Andreas talked about the underlying benefits of compression and the technology behind our products.



June 12

Proud to be mentioned in the latest edition of the Swedish wound magazine Sårmagasinet with editor Christina Lindholm. Our Lundatex® compression products are described as the latest in wound care products. Also, don't miss the articles by our friend Ulrika Källman, a well renowned researcher in wound care.



May 31 - June 3

PressCise inventor and founder, Torbjörn Lundh, had a presentation at the 2017 Vascular Annual Meeting in San Diego. The title was "Controlled Compression Treatment with a Constant Resting Pressure and High Peak Working Pressure" – which is exactly what our product Lundatex® system gives!



June 2

PressCise and Instagraft made a joint effort to apply for funding through SWElife and Medtech4Health with the project "A novel strategy to increase the healing rate of leg ulcers". Today it's been made official that the project has received €100,000! We are looking forward to perform the study which will investigate the healing rate of leg ulcers treated with Instagraft and Lundatex® compression products.



May 29

PressCise has a new distributor in Sweden; ViTri Medical. ViTri Medical has a full range of wound care products under their own brand which they sell to the Swedish health care sector. Contact ViTri for information on how to buy our products in Sweden.



May 24

Josefin Damm's article An innovative compression system providing low, sustained resting pressure and high, efficient working pressure investigating the Lundatex® system has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Veins and Lymphatics. Co-authors are Torbjörn Lundh, Prof. Hugo Partsch, and Prof. Giovanni Mosti.


The article concludes that the compression system gives a quantifiable compression treatment, with extra benefits for patients with mixed arterial venous disease. The possibility to maintain the pressure level over time is also considered beneficial for self-management.



May 18

Smart Textiles are writing about the Future Textiles Awards and the prize PressCise was awarded for Lundatex medical; Best Product in Medical Textiles.



May 16

Proud to announce Torbjörn Lundh won a prize for his e-poster at the EWMA conference. Torbjörn's poster Zinc based vs. Four Component compression was awarded with respect to it being visually appealing, well laid out in a logical manner, relevant and interesting content, as well as clear conclusions. Big congratulation to Torbjörn!



May 10

PressCise compression bandage Lundatex® medical was awarded Best Product in Medical Textiles at the Future Textiles Awards at the Grand Westin Frankfurt. Katarina Lindström was there to represent PressCise and to accept the award.



May 9-12

PressCise compression product Lundatex® system was showcased at the Smart Textiles stand at the Techtextil fair in Frankfurt.



May 5

Torbjörn Lundh had an appreciated presentation about compression, pressure and our compression products at the International Compression Club annual meeting in Amsterdam.



May 3-5

PressCise had a successful exhibition at the 2017 European Management Association Conference in Amsterdam. We got the chance to show our compression products to many interested professionals and potential collaborators. Also, a great partnership with our friends at S2Medical which we shared the stand with. Torbjörn Lundh presentation of his work "Zinc based vs four component compression" was very appreciated.


April 27

One of the inventors of PressCise Torbjörn Lundh had two appreciated presentations at the Charing Cross International Symposium in London. The topic was compression with improved working pressure.



April 3

On the 30th of April prins Daniel of Sweden together with IVA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences) arranged an inspiring event in Stockholm. Josefin Damm, co-inventor and co-founder of PressCise was one of the invited among about 100 other young entrepreneurs. Read more on the IVA website.



March 16

We are getting more interest about the prize on the 2017 JWC Awards. Read about us in this week's Knallebladet.



March 14

PressCise is receiving a lot of interest after the JWC Award. In Alingsås Tidning's Industry section you can read about us and the prize we received in London.



March 11-12

The founder of PressCise Torbjörn Lundh and our CEO Andreas Nilsson participated in the European Venous Forum meeting in Cyprus. Torbjörn had the presentation "Increasing working compression pressure and maintaining low resting pressure".



March 3

PressCise won in the category "Most Innovative Product" for Lundatex® system at the Journal of Wound Care Awards. To represent PressCise and receive the award in London were Andreas Nilsson and Katarina Lindström.



March 2

At the Medtech4Health-day in Gothenburg, our CEO Andreas Nilsson presented our Lundatex® compression products and how the fundings from Medtech4Health has benefited the company.



February 24

Proud to announce that our compression bandage Lundatex® medical has been shortlisted for the Future Textiles Awards 2017 in the category "Best Product – Medical Textiles".



February 8

Read how we used the fundings we received from Medtech4Health in the interview with our CEO Andreas Nilsson. For those who doesn't speak Swedish; we have an ongoing clinical trial in the Skövde hospital, Sweden, where we are investigating patient compliance. With good results so far we are looking forward to compile an article on the study and have seen the possibility to widen our product range in order to reach new patient groups.



February 3

Happy and proud to announce that our compression product Lundatex® system has been shortlisted for the 2017 Journal of Wound Care Awards in the category Most Innovative Product.



February 1

Our products can now be bought in Ozmedix online store. Besides our compression product range you can also find the innovative bandage fastening device PressLock® in a pack of 5.



January 18

PressCise participating in the Wound Care Symposium in Stockholm, Sweden. Proud to say that our bandage was mentioned by the speaker Ulrika Källman as the future in compression treatment.



January 5

We have new design on our retail boxes and two new products; Lundatex® medical single package and a box with three bandages.


If you're in Australia, buy Lundatex® compression products through our distributor Ozmedix.




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