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Meet us at EWMA 2018, 9-11 May, Krakow stand no: W311

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This month we wish the best of luck to our CEO Josefin Damm who's going on parental leave. Dr Andreas Nilsson is taking over her role as the CEO of the company.




On the 4th of November we signed our first agreement, with a distributor in Australia!




We welcome our new COO & Regulatory Manager Dr. Andreas Nilsson. Andreas have a research background in Orthopaedics with specialization in abnormal leg tissue pressures. He is also a keen horseback rider and user of Lundatex® Horse.




Interview in Alingsås Tidning with our CEO Josefin Damm, about our newly launched compression product Lundatex® system.



September 25-28th

The 25th and 27th we presented our newly developed device Lundatex® system at the world's biggest wound care conference WUWHS in Florence, Italy.



September 26th

Our inventor Professor Torbjörn Lundh, from Chalmers Technical University, Gothenburg, was invited to "Venous updates from the world" at the Institute of Translational Medicine and Surgery, in Ferrara, Italy, to present his inventions.



September 16th

PressCise receives its first order of Lundatex® system.



August 24th

Today we started up our clinical study with the compression device Lundatex® system at the leg ulcer clinic at Skaraborgs Hospital, Skövde, Sweden.



July 7-9th

At the 17th Annual meeting of the European Venous Forum in London, CEO Josefin Damm and Prof. Giovanni Mosti presented our new medical compression device Lundatex® system.



July 3-4th

During Falsterbo horse show the 3rd and 4th of July, in southern Sweden, we handed out samples of our new horse bandage Lundatex® horse.



The first patient is now enrolled in a pilot patient case study conducted by Dr. Samek in Slovakia, evaluating our medical compression device Lundatex® system. In the coming months we look forward to conduct clinical trials and patient cases together with a Swedish hospital and Prof. Chrisitna Lindholm, Prof. Mosti with italian patients and with Dr. Rolf Jelnes and the danish home care.




This year the leading European wound conference EWMA was held in Bremen, Germany. PressCise was there to keep us up-to-date with the latest compression and wound care trends.




We are proud to announce that our planned clinical patient study at Skaraborgs Hospital's leg ulcer clinic in Skövde, Sweden with the Swedish professor Christina Lindholm and the Italian professor Giovanni Mosti, has got support from both Smart Textiles and Medtech4Health



April 11th

Today you can read about our smart bandage for horses on hippson.se



March 24th

We are proud to announce that PressCise were invited as speakers at SPEAKERS STAGE, arranged by Chalmers Technical University, during Eurohorse & Gothenburg Horse Show. At the trade fair Eurohorse some Chalmers students also presented their horse project using our material.



March 6-8th

PressCise visiting the medical conference EVC, and the ICC-meeting in Maastricht, Netherlands.


We also had the pleasure to meet the world famous classical artist and violin player André Rieu at the conference. Here together with the Slovakian surgeon Dr. Peter Samek.

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