Company profile
PressCise compression product bandage

Upcoming event: ICC annual meeting, June 7-8 Rotterdam

ICC annual meeting 2018 focus will be on Compression in Chronic Oedema. PressCise will present a new invention to prevent bandage slippage on the foot.

Business Idea

Based on novel research and cross-disciplinary collaboration between medicine, mathematics and textile technology, we develop innovative compression products for the medicine, sport and veterinary markets.



Our vision is to continuously develop innovative, smart and user-friendly compression products for a global market.



To improve the quality of life for people and animals by providing excellent compression products.


Core business

Our R&D is based on well-known compression problems. In the intersection between medical expertise, advanced mathematics and textile technology, we work with simple solutions to develop, test and verify our products.


Core values

  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Quality



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