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Strategic relationships

PressCise AB is honored to partner with and work  alongside so many key market participants to help develop  and revolutionize the compression industry. 

Proud partner of vWin Foundation

PressCise is honored to support the scientific and educational international activities of the   venous-lymphatics World International Network foundation (vWIN). The foundation is focused​ on evidence-based research​ in venous and lymphatic​ disease and​ related specialties.​ International scientific​ meetings are organized​ every year.

Member of the International Compression Club

PressCise has had the honor of presenting at the  ICC Annual Meeting in 2016, 2017 and 2018, along with showcasing some new inventions at the ICC Annual Meeting in 2015.  Check out our News section for more details on these presentations!


PressCise's innovative Lundatex compression products are showcased in the following international showrooms:

Material Connexion: New York, USA

materiO: Paris, France

Smart Textiles: Borås, Sweden

Financial and strategic support, and collaboration

We have gained financing and strategic support from a number of partners, and are collaborating within R&D and marketing solutions with other start-ups and SME's.

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