Upcoming Events:


June 27-29: 20th annual meeting of the European Venous Forum, EVF 2019, Zürich, Switzerland

CEO, Andreas Nilsson and Inventor, Professor Torbjörn Lundh enjoyed high quality presentations and discussions on the field of venous disease at the annual meeting of EVF in beautiful Zürich, Switzerland. During the first day of the conference Inventor, Professor Torbjörn Lundh, held the presentation "Pressure distribution in a limb under localized compression". 

June 5-7: 29th conference of the European Wound Management Associaton, EWMA 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

During three exciting and successful days, PressCise exhibited at the 29th conference of EWMA in Gothenburg, Sweden. During the conference two poster presentations, and a presentation during the ICC session was held by Inventor Professor Torbjörn Lundh on the subject Mathematical Modelling (the use thereof, as well as discussions on internal pressure distribution in a leg.)

March 10-12: 23rd European Vascular Course, Masstricht, The Netherlands

Inventor Torbjörn Lundh presented on Tuesday, March 12, during the ICC session entitled "Innovation in Compression". 

January 23-25: vWINter Days Meeting,

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

The vWin Foundation  hosted the conference "Gliding on the GUIDELINES in Phlebology, Lymphology & Aesthetics" in the Italian Alps. Prof. Torbjörn Lundh, inventor, Andreas Nilsson, CEO and Josefin Damm, co-inventor, were all invited to give presentations on the Lundatex® technology.  PressCise were also in charge of the Compression Competition, under the supervision of Prof. Hugo Partsch. 

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