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November 7: PressCise awarded 1st Prize at the 2018 Future Textile Awards!

PressCise enthusiastically accepted the winning prize for "Best Innovation: Medical Textiles" for our compression product Lundatex® stocking at the 2018 Future Textile Awards in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Josefin Damm and Andreas Nilsson were present to accept the award on the company's behalf.




October 11: PressCise announced as a Finalist in the 2018 Future Textile Awards

PressCise is so pleased to announce that our compression product Lundatex® stocking has been shortlisted as a Fnalist for the 2018 Future Textile Awards in the category Best Innovation: Medical Textiles.




October 2018: New distributor for Dutch markets - Excen

Excen believes that knowledge and expertise are of great importance for good woundcare. The company encourages and coordinates mutual cooperation between different types of specialist care and offers both patients and practitioners guidelines in which mutual cooperation can be further developed. Check out the Lundatex products Excen is offering on their website here, and learn more about their company and team here!



October 2018: New distributor for Italian markets - Gloria Med Italy

Gloria Med has focused on compression therapy for over a century, with a mission to stay at the forefront of an industry that is continuously evolving with scientific research and technological advances. Visit their website here to learn more about their company history and range of products!



June 8: Funding grant announced in Borås newspaper

The funding grant "Better Health 2018" that was recently co-awarded to PressCise and Södra Älvsborgs sjukhus has been announced in Borås Tidning. The purpose of the grant, valued at nearly 100,000 EUR, is to develop and clinically test a new and unique compression stocking.




June 7-8 : Rotterdam, Netherlands

PressCise CEO Andreas Nilsson and Co-inventor Josefinn Damm presented at the ICC Annual Meeting 2018 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on a new innovation designed to prevent bandage slippage on the foot, allowing for normal ankle-foot movements and for patients to wear their normal shoes. Their presentation "Goodbye slippage: A new fusion to tackle bandage slippage on the foot" can be found online here!




May 18: PressCise and Södra Älvsborgs Hospital receive almost 100 000 EUR!

Of 123 applications made to the Swedish call “Better health”, 22 received funding, of which PressCise and SÄS were awarded approximately 100 000 EUR to jointly develop and clinically test a new unique compression stocking. This new stocking will be based on PressCise-patented technology, used previously in our revolutionary bandage that is designed to always deliver the correct pressure. SWElife, Medtech4Health and Vinnova sponsored the call.


Read the news from Medtech West.




May 9-11: EWMA Conference (Krakow, Poland)

A fruitful week where PressCise AB exhibited at the EWMA Conference from 9-11 May 2018 in Krakow, Poland. During the conference, a scientific presentation was held by A. Nilsson and J. Damm, in the session: New technologies in Wound Care.




April 18-19: SSiS Wound Conference (Borås, Sweden)

ViTri Medical, our Swedish distributor, exhibited and organized a workshop at SSiS Wound Conference 2018.




April 12: "Inventors from Herrljunga put pressure on medical problems"

Published article about PressCise in Borås Newspaper, Sweden.




April 11: Innovation Parliament presentation (Borås, Sweden)

Josefin Damm, Co-inventor and CTO of PressCise AB, had a short presentation at Sveriges Innovationsriksdag (Sweden's Innovation Parliament), Borås, Sweden




March 14: Funding grant awarded

Sweden's Innovation Agency Vinnova and Medtech4Health have granted to fund our project, aiming to develop the market utilizing a patient perspective.




February 4-8: World Congress of Phlebology (Melbourne, Australia)

PressCise AB exhibited at UIP - World Congress of Phlebology, in Melbourne, together with our Australian distributor Ozmedix.



At UIP, CEO Andreas Nillsson held two talks; one at the main conference, and another at the ICC-session. Mr. Nilsson also received the Venartis® 2017 Phlebology Innovation Award, a travel stipend of 1,000 USD.




January 2018: New distributor for German markets

The healthcare company SanaFactur is now distributor of Lundatex® products on the German market. Their focus is wound care and compression products.


Our Lundatex® products are now FDA-registered and can be used on the US market.


Co-inventor and former CEO Josefin Damm returned after one year's parental leave. She returns as CTO, while Andreas Nilsson, continues as CEO.




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