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December 3rd-5th

For three days, PressCise AB worked with Dr. Prof. Hugo Partsch and Dr. Prof. Giovanni Mosti in Lucca, Italy. A clinical trial was performed with the aim of investigating the differences in increase of ejection fraction on patients with venous insufficiency, by the use of PressCise elastic compression bandages and PressPatch™, the newest device with high stiffness. The method used was strain gauge plethysmography.

November 18th

Today, you can read about PressCise in BT (Borås newspaper) and why we decided to move to Herrljunga recently.

Read the article here.


PressCise has visit two important fairs this month. ITMA in Milan, Italy is the world's largest trade show for textile machinery, and MEDICA in Düsseldorf, Germany, which is one of the leading health care fairs in Europe.

November 2nd

This week we are welcoming Katarina Lindström, our new Product & Quality manager. Katarina is a textile engineer with a background in apparel production. We also inaugurated our new office at the station house in Herrljunga, Sweden.

From left to right: Bengt Olander, Chairman of the Board; Josefin Damm, CEO; and Katarina Lindstöm, Product & Quality manager.

October 30th

Today, PressCise moved out of the Incubator in Borås after three whole years. We want to thank the Incubator for their support, positivity and belief in our ideas!  CEO Josefin Damm stands together here with business coach Markus Bredberg, and CEO Henrik Jansson from the Incubator.

October 28th

In May 2014, a comparative study to Keller et.al 2009 was performed with PressCise, showing that 21 nurses with different working experience all where able to achieve the target pressure using PressCise products. ”The results show that for each 95% confidence interval, independent of state and position, we get at most 5 mmHg from the target pressure 50 mmHg”

The article by Wiklander et.al. “Investigation of the ability to provide a defined ‘target pressure’ with the use of the compression bandage PressCise” is published on the website of International Wound Care. To download the article, follow this link or contact us.

Autumn 2015 to spring 2016

During a whole year, Co-founder and inventor Professor Torbjörn Lundh is guest professor at Stanford University in California, USA. To get to the university's web page, click here.

Photo by Ragnhild Larsson @ Konvoj Production.

October 9th

The ICC conference, organized by the International Compression Club, was held in Bari, Italy this year. PressCise CEO Josefin Damm represented the company and presented the PressCise™ bandage and the new invention PressPatch. The products gained a lot of positive response, both from clinicians as well as industry professionals, and several dialogues were initiated which will continue in the following weeks.

To read more about the ICC, follow the link here.

September 18th

PressCise visited the well-renowned and experienced professor in dermatology, Dr. Hugo Partsch in Vienna, Austria, to test our newest invention, PressPatch™.

August 27th

A new patent application was filed, concerning a complementary product to PressCise™.

August 2015

Dr. Lars Peterson, a well-renowned professor in orthopaedics, is now performing user studies with PressCise™ together with players from Gothenburg's oldest football (soccer) team, Örgryte IS.

Dr. Peterson is a professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Gothenburg with extensive experience in treating athletes. He has served as Head Physician of the Swedish National Team in ice hockey and football, is a former member of the Sports Medical Committee of FIFA, a founding member of FIFA's Medical Assessment and Research Center, has served as a Medical Officer at six World Cups in Football, has been President of the Swedish Society of Sports Medicine, and he was President and one of the founding members of the International Society of Cartilage Repair (ICRS). He has also published several books in the fields of orthopaedic surgery, sports traumatology and sports medicine, biomechanics and rehabilitation.

PressCise™ AB also received a product development order in August from a large medical device company.

Summer 2015

During the summer, a share issue was conducted with existing and new owners in order to raise money for market introduction, and the members of our Advisory Board were elected as full members of our Board of Directors.

Spring 2015

We received our CE-mark for the bandage, initiated dialogues with several potential distributors for different segments, filed two patents, three researchers submitted an article on our bandage that will be published later this year, Swedish football teams started using our bandage, and the bandage was presented at a Nordic horse research conference at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Hugo Partsch, Giovanni Mosti, Josefin Damm
ITMA Milan
Medica Düsseldorf
Bengt Olander, Josefin Damm, Katarina Lindström
Markus Bredberg, Henrik Jansson, Josefin Damm
PressCise compression bandage, Kerstin Wiklander, Annette Erichsen Andersson, Ulrika Källman
Stanford University Torbjörn Lundh
International Compression Club
Hugo Partsch Lundatex

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