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Compression products providing precise pressure

Winner of four international prizes:

Future Textile Awards 2018: "Best Innovation - Medical Textiles"

Journal of Wound Care Awards 2017: "Most Innovative Product"

Future Textiles Awards 2017: "Best Product – Medical Textiles"

Venartis Innovation Award 2017

Lundatex® medical instruction video

Lundatex® system instruction video

PressCise AB has been published in several well-renowned journals, including the following:


Veins and Lymphatics (2018)

via Chalmers University of Technology: "A new stocking compression system with a low well-defined resting

pressure and a high working pressure", Nilsson, A., Lundh, T., Volume 7:7628, August 2018, Pages 69-69.


European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (2018)

via ScienceDirect.org: "A New Two Component Compression System Turning an Elastic Bandage into an Inelastic Compression Device: Interface Pressure, Stiffness, and Haemodynamic Effectiveness", G. Mosti, H. Partsch, Volume 55, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 126-131.


Veins and Lymphatics (2017)

"An innovative compression system providing low, sustained resting pressure and high, efficient working pressure", J. Damm, T. Lundh, H. Partsch, G. Mosti, Volume 6:6627, April 2017.



International Wound Journal (2015)

"An investigation of the ability to produce a defined ‘target pressure’ using the PressCise compression bandage", K. Wiklander, A. Erichsen Andersson & U. Källman, 2015.




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